Behind the Scenes: Meet Erin

My internship at FotoDC has exposed me to the world of photography in more ways than one. As I review photos of the many competitions, I am learning about the techniques needed to make a high-quality photo. I can easily recognize how one edit or tilt of a camera can set one picture’s quality above another. As well, these photos help me revisit the techniques I have already learned, as I see the methods throughout many of the photos. The other side of the “photography world” is all about business. Knowing the contributions needed to produce a wonderful FotoweekDC festival every year completes my experience in the photography world.

I really enjoy being a part of this team. Every staff member is encouraging and holds me with a level of responsibility. By presenting me with projects, such as researching legal matters, event planning, or even trusting me to deliver important messages or invites to FotoDC’s partners, they are presenting me with the opportunity to take initiative and offer input. I’m excited to see what is to come and dive head first deeper into this different kind of universe.

- Erin Cox, FotoDC Intern