Behind the Scenes: Meet Likando

I have loved my experience so far working as an intern at FotoDC. Along with Erin, a fellow high school intern, I come in every Wednesday ready for a day full of projects and fun. The office environment is friendly and there is always something new for us to work on or help with. We are given tasks that range from event planning to research to working with social media. With the FotoWeekDC festival approaching, the office has been in full swing preparing for the various events that will take place. The festival is a great representation of what FotoDC hopes to achieve and I have particularly enjoyed getting to work on the upcoming events. The FotoDC staff and interns have all been very welcoming and I’ve learned quite a lot about photography and what it takes to run a non-profit organization from them. I look forward to working with them more as I continue my internship this year.

- Likando Kumoyo, FotoDC Intern