Board of Directors

Irene Owsley - Chair of the Executive Board  /  Photographer; National Board, ASMP

Theo Adamstein - Founder & Executive Director FotoDC / FotoWeek DC and President Dodge-Chrome Inc.

Pam Huling - Treasurer  /  Business Development, MediaStorm, Brooklyn, NY

Rebecca Fishman - Commissioner  /  DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities


Advisory Board

Peter Abrahams  /  Publisher DC Magazine, D.C. Modern Luxury

Chris Addison  /  Partner, Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Chantal Attais  /  Entrepreneur; Philanthropist; Photo Enthusiast

John Brown  /  Photographer; Conference Management, National Research Council

Kay Chernush  /  Professional Photographer, Chernush Photography

Paul Fetters  /  Photographer & Co-President Emeritus, ASMP DC Chapter

David Ford / Business Advisor and Attorney

Angela Fox / President  /  CEO of the Crystal City BID

Peter Garfield  /  Photographer, Garfield Studio Inc.

Stacy Gold  /  Editor, National Geographic Image Collection

Hannele Lahti  /  Photographer, Hannele Lahti Photography

Larissa Leclair  /  Photography Writer, Curator, and Collector

Robert Lehrman  /  Collector and Philanthropist

Michael Mansfield  /  Media Arts

Lucian Perkins  /  Photographer

Steve Sumberg  /  Real Estate

Sonny Tohan  /  President, Mac Business Solutions



Theo Adamstein  /  Founder and Executive Director

Melisa Sanchez  /  Operations Manager

Matt Van Dyke  /  Programs and Multimedia Manager



Aba Bonney - Kwawu  / PR and Marketing Consultant

Mariesa K Dale  /  Grapic Design Consultant

Geoffrey Fenner - Brooks Harrison  /  Accountant

Merin Guthrie  /  Development Consultant and Grant Writer

Mike Huneke  /  Web Developer

Angela Kleis / Blog Editor

Marc Lizmi / Social Media Consultant

E. Brady Robinson  /  Education Consultant

Sarah Valente  /  Copy Editing Consultant


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