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Seminars at the Goethe Institut

November 10-13th & 15-17th, 10am - 5pm

812 7th Street Northwest


FotoWeekDC is launching new educational programming for the 5th annual FotoWeekDC festival, featuring full day seminar presentations by the nation's top professionals in the photography world.  Seminars will be interactive and will range in topics from Industry Knowledge, Photojournalism, Marketing and other topics important to photographers.  Topics will change daily and will be followed by evening cocktail receptions where attendees will have the opportunity to meet and greet presenters.

Photographers of all levels can take advantage of exciting educational programming presented by an all-star list of the nation's top professionals at the Goethe Institut's intimate and personalized setting.


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Exciting news!  FotoWeekDC's sponsor Think Tank Photo has generously offered 28 product giveaways for seminar attendees.  After each seminar, four lucky winners will receive these special items!


Seminar Schedule

Photojournalism & Photography | NOV. 10 (10am-5pm)

Presenter: GERD LUDWIG

This seminar by National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig concentrates on photojournalism and documentary photography. The goal of the workshop is to encourage photographers to develop a personal vision and take their photography to the next level. MORE

Strategy & Creation | NOV. 11  (10am-5pm)


The most important tool that a photographer can bring to their work is knowledge and insight.  Many photographers spend much of their education on learning the bells and whistles of cameras and changing technology, and don't consider what is equally as important: Creating a voice, having ideas, producing stellar prints, and knowing where the work they create fits into the contemporary art market. MORE



Self Published Photography Books | NOV. 12 (10am-5pm)

Presenter: DAN MILNOR

This full day Blurb seminar will break down the choices, materials, and philosophy behind making your own photography book. The goal of the workshop is to provide a complete picture of the bookmaking process. Bring your notebooks, your questions and your sense of humor. MORE

Nature World | NOV. 13 (10am-5pm)


Come see, listen, learn and laugh with National Geographic photographer, Michael Melford. Besides being highly entertaining, Michael will share the stories behind the images he has shot for National Geographic, and the technics, and shooting methods that have proved to be so successful for him. MORE

Marketing Photographs | NOV. 15 (10am-5pm)


This informative and richly illustrated one-day seminar by industry leader Mary Virginia Swanson will provide artists with an overview of today’s diverse marketplace for photography and the necessary research skills and tools required to bring your work to an appreciative audience. Whether you are exploring a career in photography or an industry professional seeking insights into today’s changing marketplace, this lecture will be of value. MORE

Visual Storytelling | NOV. 16 (10am-5pm)

Presenter: ED KASHI

The digital age is giving documentary photographers and photojournalists extraordinary new ways to tell stories with greater authorship and control.  This intensive workshop will allow attendees to share work in an intimate session to learn about how to create a personal documentary project for publication, books, exhibitions and websites. MORE

Multimedia Storytelling | NOV. 17 (10am-5pm)

Presenter: BRIAN STORM

Join Brian Storm, Founder and Executive Producer of MediaStorm, to see how some of the top photojournalists have redefined their storytelling capabilities to include audio reporting and an eye towards publication in multiple media. MORE


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