2012 FotoWeekDC International Awards Competition

The Results are in!

We are pleased to announce the FotoWeekDC International Award Competition Winners! Congratulations to all winners and a big thank you as well to all of the entrants for their inspiring display of creativity and talent. Clearly, photography is alive and well and thriving here in DC and around the world! All Award Winners will be shown at FotoWeek Central during the festival November 9-18. In addition, all submitted images by every entrant will be included in the Thumbnail Show at the Festival. To view the work of these talented photographers, click here.

To view the list of judges and their biographies click here.



Photojournalism/Social Documentary

A single image with a documentary/reportage focus. This includes domestic and international spot or general news and issue reporting.

First Place: Massoud Hossaini/Agence France-Presse

Second Place:  Pierpaolo Mittica

Third Place: James Lawler Duggan

Honorable Mentions: Behrouz Mehri; Mahmud Hams



A single image created for the purpose of communicating or selling ideas, services or products.

First Place: Sam Kittner

Second Place: Jonathan Timmes

Third Place: Sam Kittner

Honorable Mention: Rodger Hosteler; Sam Kittner


Fine Art

A single image that has been created to fulfill the artistic vision of the photographer.

First Place: Ellen Jantzen

Second Place: Jean-Baptiste Courtier

Third Place: Mark Miller

Honorable Mentions: Ania Moussawel; Barry Steven Greff


Contemporary Life

A single image with a lifestyle/human interest focus. Image that represents a fresh view of everyday activities, sports, relationships or emotion. Includes wedding photography.

First Place: Sonny Tat

Second Place: Gali Tibbon/Agence France-Presse

Third Place: Yacouba Tanou

Honorable Mentions: Tri Nguyen; Jianwei Yang



A single image conveying sense of place; from exotic to backyard, urban to wild. Includes architecture and people of diverse cultures.

First Place: Xuesong Liao

Second Place: Greg Kahn

Third Place: Seth Rubin

Honorable Mentions: Tony Richards; Laura Bly



A single image that focuses on an individual and captures unique aspects of their experience or personality.

First Place: Sanja Knezevic

Second Place: Edgar Artiga

Third Place: Howard Petrella

Honorable Mention: Felipe Jacome; Annika Haas


The Natural World

A single image focusing on nature, including plants, animals (wild & domestic), landscapes, waterscapes and aerials.

First Place: Richard Bak

Second Place: Lea Foster

Third Place: Skip Brown

Honorable Mentions: Beamie Young; Martin Sneary


Modern Vintage

Image can originate with film or digital capture. Experimental, vintage and nostalgic styles, textures and colors are encouraged, whether they be from Brownie, Polaroid, Holga, Diana, Lomography or pinhole cameras. Images captured on mobile devices using app filters are also eligible for submission.

First Place: Hisao Matsui

Second Place: Gaston Lacombe

Third Place: Angela Kleis

Honorable Mentions: Valery Rizzo ; Christa Blackwood




Photojournalism/Social Documentary

A series of related images (minimum 3, maximum 9) exploring the human condition to facilitate social change. Images should focus on the compelling issues of our time, and may include global warming, war, poverty, international justice and the environment.

First Place: Javier Arcenilla

Second Place: Pierpaolo Mittica

Third Place: Dina Litovsky

Honorable Mentions: Erik MessoriMateusz Sarello


Fine Art

A series of related images (minimum 3, maximum 9) that has been created to fulfill the artistic vision of the photographer.

First Place: Greg Embree

Second Place: Maxine Helfman

Third Place: Forest McMullin

Honorable Mentions: J. Peter Mosley; Joseph Romeo


The Natural World

A series of related images (minimum 3, maximum 9) focused on nature, including plants, animals (wild & domestic), landscapes, waterscapes and aerials.

First Place: Robin Moore

Second Place:  Jacquelyn Wong

Third Place: Emil Khalilov

Honorable Mentions: Robert Flatt; Gaston Lacombe


Student Portfolio

A series of related images (minimum 3, maximum 9) that represents a cohesive body of work by a student (age 18 or older, currently enrolled in an accredited academic program).

First Place: Nick Chudeau

Second Place: Cenk Ozer

Third Place:  Souvid Datta

Honorable Mentions: Uliana Bazar;  Rebecca Harlan




Work that may include still photography, video, sound and graphics to either communicate a reality-based narrative story or is freely expressionistic.

First Place: Seamus Murphy/MediaStorm -' A Darkness Visible': Afganistan

Second Place: Martine Fougeron, Richard Kendall, Frank de Ruiter and Simon Schorno/MediaStorm - 'Broken Lines'

Third Place: Joshua Davis - 'The Fighter'

Honorable Mentions: Maggie Steber/MediaStorm - 'Rite of Passage'; Joshua Davis - 'Respite for a Rambler'





Fine Art, Print

First Place: Michael Abrams - 'Welcome to Springfield'

Second Place: John Gossage - 'The Actor'

Third Place: Ernesto Bazan - 'Al Campo'

Honorable Mention: David Jakelic - 'Split Perspective'



Fine Art, E-Book

First Place: Dimitri Mellos - 'Its Strangest Patterns'

Second Place: Debora Yun - 'Public Pay Phone Project'

Third Place: Michael Zeller - 'Live Lens'


Photojournalism, Print

First Place: Stephen Ferry - 'Violentology'

Second Place: Bill Crandall - 'The Waiting Room'

Third Place: Laure Dunne - '...and mercy more than life!'



Photojournalism, E-Book

First Place: Thomas Michael Alleman - 'Sunshine & Noir'

Second Place: Jay Tyrell - 'Wind Army'

Third Place: Dorte Verner- 'Arab People in Transition: Climatic and Cultural Change'


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